Water – it’s the oil
of the future.

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Traditional, 35 gallons (132 Liters) of fresh water to clean 1 car. No-H2O, no water to clean 1 car. You do the math!

No-H2O has been long saving the environment fresh water but also preventing harsh chemicals entering the drainage system which is almost worse than the usage of fresh water.

Our waterless products are safe to use, eco-friendly and above all they work. We manufacture all of our products using the best ingredients available and do not compromise on quality.

3 Case Studies worth talking about!

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No-H2O franchisees are also making quite an impact on our environment. Over the last 5 years the No-H2O franchise network and our On Demand detailers have saved the environment over 5,000,000 gallons of fresh water.

Awesome even if we say so ourselves!

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Dublin Airport – No-H2O has been providing car wash & detailing services to customers at Dublin Airport since the end of 2016. In that time we have washed thousands of cars and saved the environment over 1 million litres of water (265,000 gl).
The clock is rolling on this one and we are now working towards our next milestone, saving of 2 million litres of fresh water.

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No-H2O supply Europcar with our waterless products which is used to wash the rental cars at 75 locations across Europe. In a very short period of time Europcar have saved the environment an incredible 4.500.000 gallons of fresh water.
This is increasing daily and Europcar will continue to break new water saving records.

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