No-H2O Awards 4 Territories in Boston, MA

No-H2O is coming to Boston with 4 territories awarded to Richard Amir! By selling an eco-friendly, convenience-based car wash and detailing service, No-H2O is disrupting the car wash industry and positioning itself to be the premier choice for car wash and detailing consumers.

Richard Amir lives in Harwich, MA with his wife Leora. He and Leora have 4 children and 2 grandchildren. Richard has been an entrepreneur for 40+ years, most recently Richard owned a computer recycling business that he built into the largest of its kind in NY state. It was important for Richard to find a business that he could apply his business development skills to and that could scale and ramp up quickly.

“I love everything about the No-H2O Brand which has a constant focus on customer service, the need to enhance our environment, and an unwavering commitment to deliver a finished product which is second to none!”

Richard loved the simplicity, scalability, and low start-up cost of No-H2O but was most impressed with the corporate team and support they offer compared to other franchise concepts he looked at. Richard loved how engaged the support team is and their constant pursuit of delivering the highest quality of service throughout the entire scope of their business operations. Upon meeting the leadership team throughout his discovery process, It was clear No-H2O was a perfect fit for Richard!

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