No-H2O Comes To Akron, OH

No-H2O is coming to Akron, OH with the award of an additional territory to our Canton, OH franchisees, Doug & Gino Ross! By selling an eco-friendly, convenience-based car wash and detailing service, No-H2O is disrupting the car wash industry and positioning itself to be the premier choice for car wash and detailing consumers.

Doug is a Senior Financial Advisor and has spent the last 40 years working and building businesses for others. It is now time to build something successful for him and his sons. Doug and his son, Gino, will build this business together, and they plan to create something where Gino’s siblings can follow in his footsteps and learn firsthand the importance of hard work and the benefits of entrepreneurship. They look forward to helping people and building a successful business where others can enjoy their work and reach their family goals. Doug said, “Working with Gino will be the best experience a father could wish for, and we LOVE the No-H2O mission!”

Like UBER but for Car Washing, No-H2O On Demand will revolutionize urban car care. No-H2O is a waterless car-cleaning franchise that is unrivaled and disrupting the car wash industry and positioning itself to be the premier choice for car wash and detailing. This proprietary, eco-friendly product can be used on the exterior, interior, windows, and on all levels of dirt from light traffic film to heavy road grime. Our scratch-free formula leaves an amazing, polished finish and has been approved by Boeing and Airbus for use on commercial aircraft.

“Doug and Geno were a joy to work with. Doug Is a highly productive, intelligent senior VP at Meryl lynch. Gino, his son, is a bright young high school senior. They recognized the potential in NO-H2O immediately and didn’t hesitate to dive right in. They are two of the most delightful candidates I have ever worked with, and I know they will knock this concept out of the park.” – Consultant Quote

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