No-H2O is growing with the addition of Four Territories in Houston, TX

No-H2O is excited to welcome the partnership group of Larry Ogden, Kirk Sims, Paul Losos, and others to the franchise family! By selling an eco-friendly, convenience-based car wash and detailing service, No-H2O is disrupting the car wash industry and positioning itself to be the premier choice for car wash and detailing consumers. 

Larry Ogden is a serial entrepreneur and has extensive sales experience which positioned him to look for a business-to-business model that would allow him to leverage his networking ability.

He was looking for a business that will allow him to build equity and value for the future and retirement, and a comfortable income stream for the present while also allowing him the time flexibility to pursue other things that are personally important to him.

Kirk Sims is an innovator and disruptor…focusing on ways to improve stale ideas in today’s big industries. He is the VP of sales in the health care industry. He leads a team that helps guide people to better ways to consume healthcare so they can get the care they want and need. Kirk has led business development across the Legal, Financial, and Health Care industries; ranging from startups to large global companies His passion is speaking with people about clever approaches to old and outdated processes. He enjoys hanging out and traveling with his wife and 3 children (and their ridiculous amount of animals).

Another partner on the team is a Ph.D. Chemical Engineer with over 20 years of experience with Fortune500 companies across multiple industries, including pharmaceuticals, oil and gas, plastics, and consumer products. 

Larry, Kirk, and the team plan to operate No-H2O as Semi-Absentee Owners in the Houston Market.

This partnership team loved the simplicity, scalability, and low start-up cost of No-H2O but was most impressed with the impact No-H2O has in water conservation. They loved the fact that the No-H2O offers real solutions to the growing water shortage across the country. Upon meeting the leadership team throughout his discovery process, it was clear No-H2O was a perfect fit for them!

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