Repeat Buyer Columbus, OH

No-H2O is excited to celebrate Joe Murphy, an existing franchisee who just expanded his footprint by purchasing additional territories in the Columbus, OH area!
Why continue to grow with No-H2O? Joe is an active entrepreneur and felt that No-H2O is too much of an industry disruptor to miss out on, so he’s leading the way and including his family in the growth.
This team loves the simplicity, scalability, and low start-up cost of No-H2O! When they were looking into joining a franchise, they knew it was crucial to find one that was going to be as invested in their success as much as they are their own. With our resources, we knew No-H2O was the perfect fit.
As long as there are cars on the road, there will be a need for car washes. With convenience and speed playing a bigger role than ever in people’s lives, handwashing and waiting in line at an actual car wash is a thing of the past. No-H2O is changing the way you see car washing forever. Better for your schedule and for the environment, Joe and his team are leading the way.

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