What to Look For in a Mobile Detailing Service Near You

Mobile detailing services have totally changed the car wash and auto detailing industry. 

Where the only option was once to book an appointment, drive to a physical location, and wait. Mobile detailing services mean that professional detailers will instead come to you! 

But what should you look for in a mobile detailing service? 

To help you identify the auto detailer that is right for you, here’s a list of what to look for!

What to Look For in a Mobile Detailing Service Near You

Mobile professional car detailing services will vary in what they offer and how they perform. But there are a few things that you should consider as required before you hire a detailing team. 

Keeping these things in mind will ensure you get the best possible service and are beyond satisfied with the results. 

On-Demand Booking

The primary convenience offered by mobile detailing services is that you don’t have to go to them, they come to you. But this convenience is disrupted if you are not able to book on-demand. 

Look for a mobile detailing service that has a booking app. You can use the app to choose a service, establish your location, and choose your service window. 

From there, the detailing professional in the service area will come to you. No muss, no fuss. Simply go about your day as you had planned and your car will have a thorough cleaning in the meantime. 

Excellent Customer Reviews

When choosing a mobile detailing service near you, it is important to know a little bit about the experiences of others when dealing with the service provider. 

While a mobile car detailing service is more convenient, it is not any good to you if the only reviews are bad reviews. Wouldn’t it be better if you know about potential problems before you experience them yourself?

In your exploration of customer reviews, remember, people are far more likely to leave a review when they are unhappy compared to people that had a positive experience with a service or brand. In fact, unhappy customers are two to three times more likely to leave a review. So, read reviews carefully and consider that the numbers may be a little skewed.

It is important to look for how the auto detailing service responded to any negative reviews. A company that takes active steps to correct the situation or do right by the reviewer is one you know that you can trust. It helps you to know that should something go wrong during your experience, they will make it right. 

Multiple Packages

One size rarely fits all. Similarly, one or two auto detailing packages may not provide enough to suit your needs. Look for a detailer that offers a range of service packages. 

For example, at No-H2O, we offer four mobile detailing packages that cover a range of services. The Bronze Package is perfect for the car owner that wants a wash and polish (including wheel cleaning) with some interior detailing like light cleaning and vacuuming. 

The Silver Package includes exterior detailing and everything included in the Bronze Package but adds carpet cleaning. The Gold Package takes everything in the Silver Package and adds ceramic sealant and a hydrophobic protective coat as part of the exterior detailing and includes increased cleaning of hard-to-reach places, like cracks and crevices, to the interior detailing. 

Finally, the Platinum Package is the top package and includes everything in the other options as well as some top-shelf services like the application of leather conditioner and muffler tip polishing. 

And on top of these packages, we offer some additional services that can be added on for a small fee. 

Check for pricing options that are based on the size of your vehicle. If you drive a small, compact car, you shouldn’t have to pay the same as someone that drives a big truck or SUV. 

Finding options like these means that you can find auto detailing that will fit both your needs and your budget. You will not get stuck paying for things you do not need and you won’t have to miss out on the things that you want!

Reduced Environmental Impact

A traditional car wash service can be very hard on the environment. Not only do they waste water, but they may also be releasing harmful chemicals into the ground and water systems

The environment is an issue we should all be paying attention to. And to that end, you should look for a mobile detailing service that minimizes environmental impact. 

In general, a car wash can waste 35 gallons of water on one single car. A detailing service like No-H2O, on the other hand, wastes no water! 

Not only do No-H2O products require no water, but they are also environmentally friendly. And, they work! 

No-H2O cleaning products carry a positive charge which combines with the negative change in our special microfiber cloths to provide a truly unique and effective cleaning solution for your vehicle. 

Any step taken to prevent water wastage or to keep harmful chemicals from the drainage systems is a step in the right direction! 

For the Right Mobile Auto Detailing Services, Choose No-H2O

With on-demand service, excellent reviews and brand reputation, a wide range of interior detail and exterior detail options, and environmentally friendly processes and products, No-H20 is a clear winner for mobile detailing near you. 

All you have to do is download the app and select the service you want. From there, the app will match you with the nearest detailer and then you can carry on with your business knowing that we will do an amazing job! 

It really is that easy to protect the environment AND get the detailing you deserve! 

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