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Visit the most convenient location for you, and simply drive up.

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Drop your car off with our friendly detailers.


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Carry on with your day and we'll take care of your car!

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Go Ahead. Embrace The Future.

No-H2O auto detailing locations get you a cleaner car faster than ever.

Life is too short to wait in line at your neighborhood car wash. Say goodbye to long lines at car washes! Get the best wash for your ride now with No-H2O auto detailing, and watch as it shines brighter than ever before in no time.


The First Sustainable Auto Detailing

No water. No worries! Because we use a method to clean your car’s exterior that doesn’t require any. Your car will be clean in an environmentally friendly way and protected from dirt for twice as long after you leave one of our many auto detailing locations.

It doesn’t get much more convenient than No-H2O auto detailing. Get your car washed and interior detail in just 20 minutes with our most efficient methods, then we’ll make sure you’re back on track!

With the No-H2O system, you can have a beautifully clean car with a paint protection film without worrying about wasting water. Instead of using 35 gallons or more with every wash and leaving your vehicle dirtier than ever before, this innovative technology uses virtually no water while still keeping it sparkling clear!

Come experience the difference for yourself! Your car is a big investment. You shouldn’t have to compromise on environmental care when it comes to detailing your car. Come experience your first No-H2O car wash today!

Our Services

With a range of auto detailing services, you’re sure to find one that suits your needs. Different levels range from Bronze for those who want the inside cleaned and vacuumed; Silver which includes carpet cleaning; Gold adds extra attention given towards grime caught in hard-to reach places like crevices under seats etc; and Platinum where detailing goes to a whole new level including leather conditioner, muffler tips polished, and more.

Core Values

Auto Detailing Locations

Come embrace the future.

A Full Service Car Wash Near Me

We’re changing the way people get their cars cleaned by delivering premier, full service auto detailing across the country! No-H2O is an innovative company that brings its own hand car wash, paint protection film, detailing services, and ceramic coating system right into your neighborhood business settings so you can experience the cleanest way to wash your vehicle.

Performance-Based Exterior Detailing

Stop by one of our No-H2O car wash locations and you’ll understand why our customers rave about our great customer service!

Visit Us And Get Your Best Auto Detailing Today!

We’re everywhere! Just search “No-H2O” on Google and find a location near you. Watch out for our trademark pop-up tents that offer high-quality car washes and exterior detail without any water. It’s easy to see why we’ve built such an innovative auto detailing system into all our car wash locations.

No-H2O offers a one-stop auto detailing experience of perfection – protecting your paint longer than ever before with no drying times or annoying pressures involved in the process whatsoever. Forget about going somewhere else when all you need is right here.

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