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Our On Demand Mobile Auto Detailing brings premier service to your doorstep.

Life is too short to wait in line at your neighborhood car wash. Don’t put your day on hold. Schedule on our mobile auto detailing app and let our team of detailers come to you!

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The Future of Mobile Car Detailing

We are proud to offer the best mobile car wash and detailing service in town. We’ve been working with some big corporate names in North America and the EU who love our innovative techniques! Now you can take advantage of a No-H2O on demand car wash, it takes just seconds to schedule, then we will take care of the rest with our expert service.

Our eco-friendly mobile car wash uses little to no water, saving about 35 gallons of fresh water per wash. Instead of wasting water, your car will be cleaned and protected using a state-of-the-art system. Our products emulsify dirt so it can be safely absorbed into a microfiber cloth. There’s no scratching to your paint or interior surfaces because there’s no abrasion. And the best part? Our mobile car detailing provides a protective finish that keeps your car clean up to twice as long as a traditional car wash!

No one likes to search for a quality car wash then wait around until the work is done. With our on demand auto detailing you can go on about your day. No driving around, no lines, no waiting, no distractions. Just high-quality car detailing service that’s provided wherever it is most convenient for you.

Our Services

With a range of mobile detailing services, you’re sure to find one that suits your needs. Different levels range from Bronze for those who want the inside cleaned and vacuumed; Silver which includes carpet cleaning; Gold adds extra attention given towards grime caught in hard-to reach places like crevices under seats etc; and Platinum where detailing goes to a whole new level including leather conditioner, muffler tips polished, and more.

Core Values

Innovation and Convenience

Mobile Car Detailing in the
Palm of Your Hand

Why go to the car wash when the car wash will come to you? We meet you on your terms – your location, your timing, and deliver the best service you have ever experienced.

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Download our app and schedule your No-H2O on demand auto detailing today!

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If you are wondering where to get the best car wash, look no further than your phone by using our revolutionary auto detailing app. 

Eco-Friendly Mobile Car Detailing

Don’t forget—wrapped within all this convenience is a process that is easy and gentle on the environment. We have helped save over 5 million gallons of fresh water with our No-H2O on demand auto detailing. That’s about 35 gallons per wash.

If you do the math, we have served nearly 143,000 happy customers, just in the last five years!

No-H2O was first launched in Dublin, Ireland in 2007. Since then, we’ve been named franchisor of the year and are the world’s fastest growing car franchise. While you may not have heard of us, we’re highly experienced and have worked with some of the most prominent brands in the industry.

Grab hold of the future and become the envy of your neighbors. On demand car washing will be commonplace in no time, and you can become a trendsetter!

Common Washing Questions

Premium Hand Wash & Polish

Our Exterior Only Detail Service Includes :

  • Hand Washed & Polished
  • Wheels Cleaned
  • Tires Dressed


Bronze Package

Our Bronze Package Detail Service Includes :

  • Hand Washed & Polished
  • Wheels Cleaned
  • Tires Dressed
  • Full Interior Vacuum & Wipe Down
  • Interior Windows Polished
  • Door Jambs


Silver Package

Our Silver Package Detail Service Includes All Bronze Package Services Plus :

  • Seats Cleaned & Conditioned 
  • Carpets Cleaned
  • Floor Mats Cleaned


Gold Package

Our Gold Package Detail Service Includes All Silver Package Services Plus :

  • Hydrophobic Ceramic Spray Sealant
  • Chrome Exhaust Tips Polished
  • Fuel Cap Cleaned


Platinum Package

Our Platinum Package Detail Service Includes All Gold Package Services Plus :

  • Clay Bar
  • Light Swirl Removal
  • Machine Buff Gloss Enhancement


Full Interior Detail :

Our Interior Only Detail Service Includes :

  • Full Interior Vacuum & Wipe Down
  • Interior Windows Polished
  • Seats Cleaned & Conditioned 
  • Carpets Cleaned
  • Floor Mats Cleaned

Our detailers use spray bottles with our unique scratch-free polymer to eliminate grime and dirt and leave a long-lasting shine on your vehicle. This fast and easy process doesn't require water, pressure washing, or harmful soaps. Our product emulsifies the dirt, and with microfibre cloths, we can safely remove the dirt without scratches or blemishes.

In the end, you save about 35 gallons of water when you use No-H2O. That's good for you and the environment!

There are two ways to schedule a No-H2O auto detailing service. Book your appointment at one of our fixed service locations. You can also schedule mobile detailing through our mobile app or simply book online through our website.

Our detailers will check you in and get right to work. You can then go about your day while we wash or detail your car.

Once your car is cleaned with the No-H2O solution, it leaves your car with a long-lasting, protective, and shiny coating!

No, a No-H2O car wash is safe and effective on all car colors and car types, including matte surfaces. The No-H2O cleaning solution does not use chemicals that could damage your paint.

Let's face it; washing your car can take up a lot of your valuable time. The average person spends about 1 hour washing and cleaning their vehicle each week. This time could be better spent with family or pursuing other interests.

The No-H2O process drastically reduces the time you spend cleaning your vehicle and gives you more time to do what you love. And now, with our mobile detailing service, you can have a No-H2O professional technician meticulously clean your car anytime and anywhere, even in the comfort of your driveway.

The No-H2O waterless experience is a cost-efficient, highly effective, and environmentally friendly way to wash your vehicle.

If your car becomes very dirty with heavy mud, tree sap, heavy tar, etc. No problem! We can wash & detail your car even with heavy dirt, mud and grime! No-H2O’s products can penetrate the dirt and using our cloths we can remove the dirt leaving behind a shiny protective finish.

No-H2O car washes use no water compared to a traditional car wash that uses approximately 35 gallons per wash. It’s convenient for our customers who can have their car washed or detailed anywhere, anytime.

No-H2O also uses scratch-free polymer technology to eliminate grime and dirt and leave a long-lasting shine. This fast and easy process takes only a fraction of the time to complete but provides consistent professional long-term results.

No-H2O offers a pure convenience-based service with a unique experience. Our revolutionary on-demand app allows you to book an auto detailing service anytime, anywhere, at your convenience. You can download the No-H2O Auto Detailing app on the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. You can also book online through our website or simply call us, and we can schedule a service for you.

No-H2O also has fixed locations in cities across the US. Check to see if there's a location near you to get your car washed today without an appointment.

Definitely! All you have to do is download the No-H2O app, pick a time and place, and we'll come to you! You can have your car washed at home, at work, or while you shop. You can download the No-H2O mobile car wash app on the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. You can also book online through our website or even just give us a quick call!

If you're a company interested in offering car detailing to your employees as a corporate benefit, please get in touch with us to discuss how we can partner together at an enterprise level.

We sure do! We wash all kinds of cars, no matter how big or small.

At No-H2O, we wash all types of vehicles, including sedans, coupes, sports cars, station wagons, convertibles, sport-utility vehicles (SUV), and pickup trucks.

Download the No-H2O Auto Detailing app on the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store and get your car wash scheduled or book online through our website.

You can have your car washed as often as you like. We recommend having your car washed the No-H2O way twice a month.

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