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#1 car detailing company in the country

No-H2O is the fastest-growing waterless car detailing company in the country. No-H2O is available in many states and growing more every day. 

Premium Hand Wash Detailing

Each No-H2O detail is done by hand. We put care into every wash.

We Come To You

Our customers love the convenience, speed, and service they get with No-H2O every day.

Water Savings That Make A Difference

Each No-H2O car detailing saves ~35 gallons of water from being used.

Saving millions of gallons of water every year across the country.

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We are changing the face of car detailing as you know it. Gone are the days of pressure washing in your driveway.

No-H2O is better for you, your car, and for the environment.

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